Top 8 Things You Should Never Say To a Person With Autism

5. So, are you really smart?
Just as neurotypical people can have different levels of intelligence, so can people who have autism. One person with autism may have an IQ in the average to the genius range, while another may fall in the average to well below average range. We may also be highly intelligent about some topics, but barely know anything about other topics.

6. You must be really good with numbers
Similar to above, some of us may be considered math prodigies, while others may struggle with math. When I was in high school, I struggled with math.

7. Have you ever heard of Temple Grandin?
Of course, many of us have heard of her, but just because someone is on the autism spectrum doesn’t mean he/she is anything like her.

8. I know someone who has autism, and you are nothing like him or her
Just like neurotypical people, everyone with ASD is different. Also, everyone who has autism is affected in different ways. Some people are considered shy or barely talk at all, while others almost never stop talking. Some (like me) are kind of in between and will have times when they will barely talk, and other times where they will share almost everything that is on their mind, with almost anyone who is willing to listen.

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