Q&A: Humidifiers


I’m interested in getting a humidifier for my COPD. Would this help or hurt my symptoms?


If your breathing is sensitive to dry air and you live in a dry environment, then it may be beneficial to humidify the air in your home, as this could help to prevent or reduce your COPD symptoms.

However, if the air in your home is already adequately humidified, too much humidity could make it more difficult to breathe. Around 40 percent humidity is considered ideal for someone with COPD.

In addition to a humidifier, you can also purchase a hygrometer to accurately measure humidity inside your home.

Another consideration with a humidifier is making sure cleaning and maintenance are properly performed on it to prevent it from becoming a harbor for mold and other contaminants, which could end up harming your breathing.

Ultimately, if you’re considering using a humidifier, you should first run this by your doctor, who can help you determine if this may be a helpful option for improving your breathing in light of your condition.

SOURCE: Healthline

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