What’s the Connection Between Anxiety and Acid Reflux?

Heartburn, belching, nausea — everybody feels the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) from time to time. But do those symptoms come from an actual medical issue? Or are some patients just extraordinarily sensitive to small changes in their digestive tract? A new study suggests that the answer might depend on the patient’s mental health. Fernando […]

Top 10 Migraine Triggers and How to Deal with Them

The sudden onset of a migraine means a dark room, bed and a cool towel for most of us. While these seem to come out of nowhere, many will find that there are usually some signs that a migraine attack is on its way. These signs can reveal a pattern in your symptoms, and even […]

Celiac Disease Diagnosis? 10 Steps You Can Take Right Now

Anyone receiving the news that he or she has celiac disease would understandably feel overwhelmed. Expert advice: Dig in and find out the facts about your diet restrictions and approach them with a positive outlook. If you’ve just been told that you or a family member has celiac disease, or even if you suspect a gluten […]

Gastric Sleeve Surgery for Weight Loss: Procedure, Risks, Recovery

Are you considering gastric sleeve surgery because you’ve tried dietsand exercise for years and still have a lot of weight to lose? You’ll want to know the risks and benefits, what makes someone a good candidate for the operation, and what long-term commitments you need to make to keep the results. In this operation, surgeons remove part of your stomach and join the remaining […]

11 Facts About Parkinson’s Disease You May Not Know

Most people know of Parkinson’s disease and have a good idea of its symptoms, but very few know much more than that about this progressive illness. Since April is Parkinson’s disease awareness month, we’ve put together some simple stats and facts that you can share near and far. With help from the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, everydayhealth.com, and ecaring.com, here are 11 facts about the disease most […]

First ever vaccine to prevent coeliac disease could end the misery of gluten-free diets for good

Coeliac suffers can fall dangerously ill if they have even a tiny bit of gluten – but that might not be the case for much longer COELIACS may soon find that they’re able to chow down on bread and pasta like the rest of us. The world’s first vaccine for people living with the disease […]

Research Toward a Cure

Finding a cure for tinnitus is ATA’s priority. Research will help us reach this goal. ATA is the only patient-based membership association that directly funds tinnitus research. Since 1980 we have allocated over $6 million to advance tinnitus research. Tinnitus is a complicated audiological and neurological condition, with multiple triggering catalysts and biological pathologies. Researchers […]

10 Commandments for Living Long and Well with HIV

Commandment #1: Manage your disease. Do the work. Avoid the Humpty Dumpty Syndrome. We can’t keep waiting for people to fall apart so we can try to patch them back together. There are two parts to this commandment: Don’t wait to start managing this disease. Begin now. Understand what it really means to manage a disease. It’s […]

Top 3 Myths About Adult Scoliosis Surgery

Treatment for adult scoliosis is becoming more prevalent as individuals strive to live longer and healthier lives. Many adults in their 30s and 40s that avoided treatment earlier in life are now noticing physical changes in posture and balance common of scoliosis. In an era where patients gain the majority of their information from online resources, it’s […]

Cannabis oil improves Crohn’s disease symptoms: study

According to a new study, cannabis oil can “significantly” improve Crohn’s disease symptoms. “(S)tudies have shown that many people with Crohn’s disease use cannabis regularly to relieve their symptoms,” Dr. Timna Naftali, an Israeli gastroenterologist who also teaches at Tel Aviv University, said in a written statement. “It has always been thought that this improvement […]

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