Was Luke Perry too young for a stroke? No, they can happen at any age

(CNN)The death of Luke Perry, after the actor suffered what his publicist said was a massive stroke, is evidence that the disease can affect people of any age, the American Heart Association said. Perry, who starred in “Beverly Hills 90210” and “Riverdale,” died Monday. He was 52. “Although stroke often affects older individuals, it is not […]

NHS plans for faster treatment of stroke ‘will save thousands of lives’

Small hospitals must stop treating stroke emergencies in order to save thousands of lives, England’s top doctor will today say. The national medical director will say NHS trusts across the country must centralise services, so that victims get the right help sooner. Professor Stephen Powis will say hospitals should follow a controversial model pioneered in London […]

15 Stroke Symptoms in Women We’re Likely to Ignore

Did you know that signs of a stroke can be different in women than men? This, plus risk factors you may not know about, make stroke a leading killer of women. Here’s the info you need. Why symptoms are different PR IMAGE FACTORY/SHUTTERSTOCK If you’re at risk for a stroke, one acronym could save your […]

If Someone is Having a Stroke: 3 Things To Do and 3 Things Not To Do

When a person is having a stroke, every second counts. And what you do in those critical moments can potentially help save someone’s life. Jean D. Luciano, CRNP, Stroke Team Co-Director of the Comprehensive Stroke Center at Penn Medicine and a nurse practitioner at the Penn Medicine Neuroscience Center, spells out important do’s and don’ts, […]

John Singleton in ICU After Suffering a Stroke

Writer-director John Singleton has been hospitalized and is in an intensive care unit after suffering a stroke on Wednesday, his family said in a statement Saturday. “On Wednesday, April 17th our beloved son/father, John Singleton, suffered a stroke while at the hospital,” the statement read. “John is currently in the ICU and under great medical […]

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