What Happens When You Drink Lemon Water for 7 Days

Lemon water is pretty popular. It’s offered as a free upgrade to regular water at pretty much all restaurants. Some people drink it simply because they prefer the taste, but some are devotees of the purported health benefits. In truth, not a lot of studies have been done on lemon water specifically, but we do […]

5 Surprising Facts About Nutrition

Good nutrition is an essential part of living a long, active life. While you may know some of the basics of nutrition, these surprising facts about the state of nutrition in the general population may come as a bit of a shock. In a country where high-quality food and nutritional education is plentiful, these issues […]

“Prescribing” healthy foods would save $100 billion in medical costs

“Prescribing” fruits and veggies would save $100 billion in medical costs Researchers at Tufts University made the case that subsidized fruits and vegetables could prevent millions of cases of chronic diseases. Perhaps it’s time for doctors to start prescribing more produce than pills. That’s, at least, what researchers argue in a new study that finds “prescriptions” […]

20 Things You Should Know About Nutrition

Every day, we hear something new about nutrition. With information coming at us from every direction, it often seems like something is good for you one day but reported as unhealthy the next! It’s easy to get confused about what is nutritious and what is not. One thing that’s important to keep straight is that […]

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