Lyme Disease 10 Times More Prevalent Than Previously Thought

The CDC now estimates that 300,000 Americans are infected with Lyme — and other tick-borne illnesses are a growing threat as well. Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated last summer that the number of people diagnosed with Lyme disease each year was 300,000 — 10 times as high as the official counts — the agency must have expected […]

Cistus Tea, or: How to become repulsive to ticks

One of the big hits at our retreat with Dr Klinghardt in the summer 0f 2010 was Cistus Tea, a pleasant tasting loose tea with a mild, berry-like flavor. In Germany, dogs who were given a daily dose got 1/100th the tick bites of dogs who weren’t. Since I live in one of the worst […]

Current Lyme Disease Research Shows These 6 New Developments

Lyme disease is carried by ticks, and is a pretty well-known problem — around 300,000 cases are likely diagnosed in the US every year, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention — but there’s still a lot we don’t know about it. Lyme disease is more complex than it looks, and the first few months of 2019 […]

When Life Gives You Lyme: 6 Innovative Treatments For Lyme Disease

Now that summer is here, you may be spending more time outside. Unfortunately, so are ticks. Discovering that you’ve been bitten by one of these little blood-suckers is bad enough, but your worries might not be over after the tick is removed. In many areas of the country, contracting Lyme disease is a real possibility. […]

14 celebrities who have opened up about battling Lyme disease

In recent years, the medical spotlight has increasingly been shining on Lyme disease, the bacterial tick-borne illness that often comes with a host of vague, mysterious symptoms. The widespread illness is often considered the “great imitator” because its symptoms typically mimic other health conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and others. Getting a […]

23 Ways to Imagine What It’s Like to Have Lyme Disease

Dealing with Lyme disease can be challenging enough based on the complex symptoms alone. What makes it 10 times more challenging, though, is the fact that (for most with Lyme disease) our symptoms are invisible. We try to describe what we’re going through, but the words get lost in translation as the hearer sees us as normal, healthy individuals. How can we be […]

12 Things I Wish People Knew About Lyme Disease

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, and over on Instagram, I’ve been sharing some tidbits about Lyme disease that a lot of folks don’t know (I certainly didn’t before I came down with it). Lyme is a disease that most people have heard of but is incredibly misunderstood. Being a Lyme Disease sufferer is exhausting […]

Lyme Disease vaccine set to become available soon, as first trials successfully passed

In an exciting announcement, French drug manufacturer Valneva has announced that they’ve successfully completed their first-ever human trial of a vaccine against the disease. The vaccine, which is reportedly up to 96% effective, might soon be available in the UK and US at a “reasonably low” price. Ticks really are horrendous creatures — they live in warm, […]

Lyme disease – Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis Many signs and symptoms of Lyme disease are often found in other conditions, so diagnosis can be difficult. What’s more, ticks that transmit Lyme disease can also spread other diseases. If you don’t have the characteristic Lyme disease rash, your doctor might ask about your medical history, including whether you’ve been outdoors in the […]

10 Things To Know When Someone In Your Life Has Lyme Disease

Someone you know is sick with Lyme disease. It could be a friend, a family member, a significant other or just an acquaintance. Whoever it is, you have questions. Or maybe you don’t, but you want a better idea of what the heck is going on. This article will hopefully offer some explanation, and can […]

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