Chelsea Clinton

For her 2010 wedding, Chelsea and Marc Mezvinsky’s cake was gluten-free and there was even a vegan menu. This is due to the fact that Chelsea has a gluten allergy and has been a vegan since she was a teenager.

Jessica Simpson

 This singer has a severe gluten intolerance. She says that she cannot properly digest wheat products, and when she does happen to eat it, her stomach becomes severely inflamed. She has even developed ulcers as a result of the inflammation. Yikes. By avoiding high-carbohydrate wheat products, Jessica is also able to maintain her slim shape.

Victoria Beckham

 This celeb’s main reason for being gluten free is to stay fit and slim. She also claims to be sensitive to gluten. Victoria insists that her body has a problem breaking down gluten, which is why she gains weight easily. Therefore, she follows a gluten free diet to stay thin.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

 This previous View co-host and Survivor cast member actually self-diagnosed herself with celiac after being on Survivor. After having no choice but to eliminate gluten and wheat from her diet while on the show, Elisabeth was pain-free for the first time. When she returned from the show, she finally realized that there was a correlation between her gluten consumption and getting sick.

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