These famous people aren’t just trying out the trend, they are gluten free for good.

Going gluten free is very trendy, but some people have no choice. Whether they have celiac disease, suffer from a gluten allergy/intolerance, or maybe they have just eliminated gluten to maintain a healthier lifestyle, the lil’ gluten guy is a no-no.

Maintaining a gluten free diet is definitely not easy. It makes going out to eat more difficult and having to constantly check the ingredients of foods is a hassle. However, gluten free diets are quiet common today, and thus, an entirely new industry has developed.


Who better to lead this emerging industry than some of the most well-known people in Hollywood’s industry? These celebs aren’t just trying out the fad for a few weeks, they have completely eliminated gluten from their diets. Read on to find out about the celebrities you never knew completely kissed gluten goodbye.

Zooey Deschanel

Wheat is only one of the many things this poor New Girl star is allergic to. In addition to her gluten allergy, she is also allergic to eggs and dairy. So, when Zooey appeared on Top Chef Masters, this made it difficult for contestants to please her. Chefs had to create a delicious meal and also accommodate her dietary needs.

Emmy Rossum

The Shameless star has celiac disease, which is an autoimmune disorder that causes the body to attack the small intestine upon ingestion of the protein, gluten. In 2010, she revealed she had celiac disease on MTV News when she was surprised with a cupcake for her birthday. She apologized and just ate the icing instead. Rossum also regularly tweets about gluten free snacks.

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