Acid Reflux

(4) Possible Complications of Acid Reflux Disease

Asthma and Extreme Breathing Disorder

Fluid present in the intestine may reflux back with the acidic formations and could reach to lungs. This process results into choking, severe allergies, breathing problems and even third stage pneumonia. Asthma is one of the chief possible complications of acid reflux disease in those suffering from long. However, asthma condition further worsens acid reflux disease and hence the condition should be treated immediately under specialist supervision.

Other Common Complications Of Acid Reflux Disease

There are some more complications of acid reflux disease, which may be not be always severe but can affect health in various ways.

  • Sleep disorder
  • Halitosis i.e. bad breath
  • Unknown growth on the vocal cord area
  • Lump formation in throat
  • Earache
  • Dental problems and severe pain in gums
  • Chronic hoarseness

Due to constant pressure of acid reflux, people starts feeling that their esophagus passage is narrower and have thick mucus lining formed inside which is extremely acidic. No matter how much water the sufferer drinks or consumes antacids, the pain and heartburn does not go gradually until and unless proper medical treatment is provided.

Complications of Acid Reflux Disease in Elders

Acid reflux disease is commonly found in older adults who are above 60 years of age. However, symptoms are few but complications are higher. Life threatening esophageal complications of acid reflux disease in elders are the result of prolonged illness. Typical chest pain stimulates angina pectoris, ear, throat and nose manifestations. Chronic cough, pulmonary aspiration and Globus sensation are the major complications of acid reflux in elderly.

How to Control Acid Reflux?

You can avoid major complications of acid refluxes by taking regular antacid medication prescribed by the doctor. Drinking water at regular intervals and consuming less spicy food is beneficial in the long run. Many people find coconut water, turmeric milk and almonds as a very soothing home remedy to prevent acid refluxes time to time. Over eating should be avoided, spicy food, junk food, breads, cold drinks and caffeinated beverages should be completely avoided for some time till the acid reflux gets cured. Green tea and antioxidant aloe vera juice are very helpful in curing major complications of acid reflux. The passage of esophagus could regain its natural shape when mucus lining is covered by the drugs timely. Smoking and drinking alcohol during treatment of acid reflux should be completely avoided or else adverse effects may occur resulting into severe complications like heart attack, asthma, choking of lungs or irregular bowel movements.

Final thought

The lifestyle of young adults is gradually depriving in terms of discipline and work schedule. Day by day, irregular sleeping pattern, alteration in meals, faulty dietary habits, over consumption of tea, coffee and alcohol and irregular bowel movements. So, in case you are facing acid refluxes frequently after meals or on empty stomach in the morning, it must be treated at once, to avoid possible complications.

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