Lyme disease

20 Surprising Symptoms of Lyme Disease You Can’t Afford to Ignore

14. Neck stiffness

Sure, that stiff neck you’re feeling could be the result of your bad mattress—but it could also be a sign of Lyme disease. The Bay Area Lyme Foundation notes that when some people are first infected, a stiff neck—often accompanied by a headache—is one of the first symptoms they experience.

15. Irritability

Are you lashing out at friends and family members for no reason? That could be the Lyme talking. The Bay Area Lyme Foundation lists mood issues as one of the symptoms of untreated, late-stage Lyme disease.

16. Hearing problems

In one 2018 study published in the Polish Journal of Otolaryngology, researchers analyzed 216 patients with tick-borne diseases and found that 162 presented with otolaryngological symptoms—or those related to the ear, nose, and throat. Specifically, 76.5 percent of patients with such symptoms complained of tinnitus, and 16.7 percent complained of hearing loss in one ear.

17. Depression

Lyme disease takes an emotional toll on its victims as well as a physical toll. In fact, according to the data compiled by, approximately 62 percent of patients with chronic Lyme experience depression as one of their main symptoms.

18. Chills

Are you feeling unusually cold, despite the fact that it’s a muggy 90 degrees outside? Well, this could be because Lyme disease is wreaking havoc inside your system. notes that approximately 60 percent of patients with Lyme in the early stages report having chills.

19. Hepatitis

People tend to associate hepatitis, or liver inflammation, with things like alcohol abuse and hepatitis viruses. However, there are several other ways in which your liver can end up inflamed—and Lyme disease is one of them, as the Mayo Clinic points out. Liegner says that if treatment is delayed, Lyme disease “can go to virtually any site in the body, any organ.”

20. Sensitivities to light and Sound

One of the pioneers in Lyme disease research is Joseph J. Burrascano Jr., MD. In the early days of the disease, he came up with a checklist that doctors could use to diagnose it—and it includes all of the above signs, as well as other previously observed symptoms like sensitivities to light and sound, muscle weakness, erectile dysfunction, and dental pain.

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