8. Randy Jackson

Practically everybody remembers this American Idol judge. For the longest time, he was just a little bit heavy but he was one of those people that had a tendency to handle the weight well because of his frame. Over time, he started to gain a little more and a little more until he was obviously struggling with his weight. A few years ago, he finally decided that he had had enough and he made the choice to get weight loss surgery. His weight loss has in fact been dramatic. Not only that, he’s managed to keep the weight off for a few years now.

9. John Daly

A lot of people have a hard time remembering when John Daly was overweight. Nevertheless, he himself admits that he made the decision to have the surgery done, and his decision was as much for health reasons as anything else. The surgery was obviously a success, and most people were never even aware that he had the procedure done in the first place.

10. Carnie Wilson

Wilson has always been a popular musician, but she has struggled with her weight for much of her life. She admits that there were some emotional issues going on, as well as issues related to substance abuse. As a result, her weight tended to fluctuate a great deal from year to year. As she got older and her metabolism begin slowing down, her weight started to increase more rapidly. Despite other attempts to get it under control, she eventually made the decision to go ahead with the weight loss surgery because those prior attempts weren’t working. Today, she is much slimmer and healthier than she has been in the past.

11. Chris Christie

Most people don’t consider state governors to be celebrities, but Chris Christie managed to make so many evening talk shows that he became something of a celebrity in his own right. His rather Infamous bid for the White House also helped with him become more well-known than other governors. Unfortunately, the scene he became most well-known for was his weight. Christie was dramatically overweight and for the longest time, he would claim that it didn’t bother him and he had no intention to do anything about it. However, he eventually made the decision to have the procedure done right around the same time he made his bid for the White House. He is one of the individuals that doesn’t seem to have lost a great deal of weight since he had the surgery, although he has slimmed down somewhat. Only time will tell if he will continue on with that Trend or if he will gain the weight back, as weight loss surgery is not a surefire solution.

12. Brian Dennehy

While twenty-somethings may not have the foggiest idea who Brian Dennehy is, people that are older will remember him as one of the most prolific character actors of all time. For his generation, he seemed to show up everywhere. He guest starred on dramas and even hosted his own show for a time. While he was always a big man, his weight started to get out of control as he aged. Unwilling to allow that to continue, he made the decision to do something about it.

13. Caitlin Van Zandt

The Sopranos star didn’t always seem to have troubles with her weight, but eventually, it became an issue. This happens to a lot of women. Even those individuals who have typically been able to eat practically anything they wanted and maintain a healthy weight often find themselves gaining weight as they approach middle age. This can make it hard for them to keep their weight at a healthy level, even when they are doing everything right. The truth is, some women struggle to the point that they restrict their diet extensively and they spend hours exercising, only to see little if any improvement. In some cases, women can do all of these things and still continue to gain weight despite their efforts. In situations such as these, medication is usually the first defense against weight loss. If it fails to be effective, weight loss surgery is typically the only solution left and may in fact be the only one that is truly effective.

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