2. Rosie O’Donnell

O’Donnell has always been very forward about everything that occurred in her life. In fact, she’s never really made any real attempts to hide much of anything. Getting weight loss surgery was no different. She chose to have it done for a number of health reasons. She had previously had some cardiac scares, as well as concerns about diabetes. Therefore, she made the decision to get her health under control by getting her weight down. By all accounts, she considers the surgery successful and is glad that she did it.

3. Sharon Osbourne

She had the surgery sometime ago and her reason was for improved health as well. The truth is, a lot of people completely forgot that she ever struggled with her weight to begin with. She is definitely one of the most obvious success stories when it comes to weight loss surgery. Since she had the procedure done, she has lost the weight and kept it off. Today, she looks like the picture of health.

4. Roseanne Barr

Most people are very familiar with Roseanne Barr because of the sitcom that was so popular during the 1980s and 90s. During that time, her weight fluctuated a great deal and during many seasons, it seem to be ballooning out of control. As she grew older, she started to have problems with her health and eventually made the decision to have weight loss surgery. The surgery changed her life. She was able to lose so much weight and keep it off that most people wouldn’t even recognize her.

5. John Popper

As is usually the case when it comes to people deciding to have weight loss surgery, there were some health concerns involved. Sometimes people decide to have the surgery because they are attempting to prevent something from going wrong with her health and at other times, they can already see that they are starting down that path and they simply don’t know what else to do in order to stop it. Whatever the case might have been for Popper, the surgery seems to have worked.

6. Al Roker

There was a time when Roker would host the early morning weather and in reality, he was quite heavy. It didn’t seem to be an issue for him for a number of years, but all the while, it was adversely impacting his health. Eventually, this started to become more and more apparent. When it seemed as though he had already tried all of the diet and exercise programs with little or no success, he finally made the decision to get weight loss surgery. Since that time, he has lost a tremendous amount of weight and has dramatically improved his overall health as a direct result of his efforts.

7. Mariah Carey

Most people at least vaguely remember when this singer struggled with her weight. Since she had the surgery, she admits that it was a tremendous struggle to get up on stage and try to be active during her performances when she was so winded that she could barely get the words to her songs out. She also admits that it was an emotional blow to be struggling with weight during a time when the focus was always on the individuals that were skinny and appeared to be healthy. Fortunately for her, she has really gotten her weight under control and she is taking charge of both her physical and emotional health.

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