It’s not easy being gluten free. Yes, gluten free food is readily available in the free from aisle and there’s never been so much knowledge about coeliac disease. But there are some struggles that only people with coeliac disease will understand. Let me sum them up with the help of my favourite ever internet invention – the humble GIF.

Everything is half the size…

gluten free food tiny

Er, where is the rest of my loaf of bread? And why is my gluten free pizza half the size of everyone elses?

…and twice the price!gluten free food expensive

Please, just take my money. It’s not like I need it, I’ll just eat potatoes for the rest of my life. Problem solved.

Don’t get me started on paying more for gluten free in restaurants

gluten free coeliac food

An extra charge for a burger bun that’s half the size and falls apart in my hands. Oh lovely, shall I just write a blank cheque or do you want my PIN code instead?

You’re either going to miss out at office parties…

gluten free coeliac office party

At least the wine is gluten free!

…or get really fat because everyone brings in a pack of cakes just for you

gluten free cake coeliac

I mean, this isn’t the worst thing in the world. Is it? I’ll just wear elasticated trousers all the time.

You get way too defensive about food

gluten free coeliac

Why would you even touch my chips with your filthy gluten hands!? You could eat anything and you want mine? NO THANK YOU.

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