Finding gluten free restaurants when you have coeliac disease can be tricky. A lot of people with coeliac disease are frightened of eating out due to bad past experiences – or lack of gluten free choice. But just remember, we’re all in it together! Here are 18 things that happen when you eat on a gluten free diet – how many can you relate to?

You browse the menu online days before to choose what you’ll eat

Sometimes you’ll email to double check it’s gluten free, to avoid disappointment.

The ‘gluten free option’ is just the normal menu, minus the fun stuff

I’ll take a burger with no bun and a side salad please. Thanks so much, I can’t wait…

You dread eating another jacket potato…

Like please, give me anything but more starchy, potatoey stodge.

…and who wants steak without chips!?


You ask the waiter what is gluten free and they look SO confused…

This is going to be a long, looooong evening.

…and you spend the whole night quizzing them every time they bring food out

Are you sure this is gluten free? Did you definitely check it was fried separately? Did you spit in my food because I’m being ‘fussy’?

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