Are you looking forward to losing weight? If so, there are some things worth knowing and keeping in mind that are involved in the process of losing weight. Below you will find things no one tells you about losing weight and that are generally un-emphasized, as well as some things to look forward to when you lose weight.

1. You will still be the same person.

This one may seem like common sense, but we are led to believe that once we lose weight we will be funnier, charismatic, more magnetic versions of ourselves. We will have great personalities and our outsides will now reflect our wonderful insides. We are led to believe that once we lose weight we will look and feel as happy as the smiling people in weight loss ads and like the people in before-and-after pictures.

The truth is that you will still be the same person. Your good traits will still be your good traits and your bad traits will still be your bad traits. A makeover on the outside will not give you a makeover on the inside. Only you can build upon your good traits and work to improve your bad traits; losing weight does not do this for you.

2. You will get to shop for (and not “settle for”) clothes.

While this one may fall on the materialistic side and may seem like no big deal for people who have been able to shop for clothes all their lives, anyone who is or has been overweight will understand that there is a distinct difference between “settling for clothes” and “shopping for clothes,” which for an overweight person makes having to buy clothes a dreaded task.

Getting to shop for clothes, clothes that you actually like and that actually fit you, is a welcome change and is something of a new experience for anyone who has been overweight. Being able to shop for clothes also impacts how you view yourself as you go from finding clothes to hide and cover yourself in, to finding clothes that you look forward to wearing and that you feel comfortable and confident in. You realize that you don’t have to hide your body; and while it would be nice to make this realization when one is overweight, it is a hard realization to come to.

It is a small pleasure, found outside of oneself and in a material thing, but it is a positive thing (given that one does not place all of one’s value in it).

3. Even though you can shop for clothes, some clothes will still not look nice on you.

While it may seem that once you finally lose weight you will get to wear what you weren’t able to wear before, this is only partially true.

Because there are many different body types and much of the clothing is designed for those with only one body type, it does not matter how much weight you lose, some clothing will still not look nice on you. And because of how much of clothing today is just questionable, some clothing will not look nice on anyone.

4. You should probably keep a few clothing basics in your previous size.

While you don’t need to hold on to everything from your previous size it might be worth keeping a few clothing basics in your previous size, even if they do not necessarily “bring you joy.”

Weight has a tendency to fluctuate and losing weight is a journey; which often means taking two steps forward and one step back. If you happen to take one step back (or many!) after taking steps forward, it helps to have some forgiving clothes while you get back on track and having these clothing items helps to avoid having to re-invest in clothing sizes that you will potentially only be in temporarily.

5. Waiting until your weight stabilizes before overhauling your wardrobe is a good idea.

While it is helpful and normally necessary to get clothing in your current size as you lose weight, be careful with investing in too many clothing items as your size could continue to change. While it is possible to re-gain weight, it is also possible to continue losing weight and it can be difficult to know what your final size will be and maintaining a certain size once reached also has its challenges.

Our “pre-weight-loss wardrobes” were generally built over time, so it is a good idea to build the “post-weight-loss wardrobe” over time as well. Building this wardrobe over time helps for weight loss, financial, and maintenance reasons, and allows you to see where your weight is stabilizing in the long-term. It is helpful and encouraging to have some clothing items in your current size but practicing moderation in the clothing purchased during the process is a good idea.

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