15 Things People Who Don’t Get Migraines Don’t “Get” About Migraine

5 – We’re not insecure, we’re freezing (again)

Cold hands and feet, and often nose and body temps, are a common migraine symptom before and during an attack. And what do you do when you’re cold? Cross your arms, hunch up your shoulders, drop your head. Trouble is, that also looks just like insecurity.

I’m not uncomfortable in my own skin; it’s my Migraine.

6 – We truly hate calling in sick

When asked if we can fill in at work on Friday or deliver the presentation to the customer on Tuesday, you want to hear “absolutely,” but you might get a vague response from us. Why? Because we hate calling in sick, we want to be dependable team members and we don’t want to make a promise we can’t keep. Ever.

Our jobs, our income and our insurance matter a lot, even more than to the average person. Because migraines are notoriously difficult to predict, we might hedge a bit, but we’ll get it done.

It’s not that I can’t be counted upon, it’s my Migraine.

Don't Look Sick

7 – Our super-sensitive senses can get overwhelmed easily

What do hostile or angry people do? They often leave the room without explanation, leaving you to wonder what you did or said.

So do people who get migraines. Bright light, annoying sound, nauseating smells, and the risk of vomiting can all cause us to leave quickly and retreat to a quiet, dark space. Better to speak up next time.

Remember, I’m not mad at you; it’s my Migraine.

8 – Sometimes we just can’t stand being touched

Many a marriage has been tested by migraines, especially when one spouse initiates sex and the other rolls over and away. One strange migraine symptom is allodynia, in which ordinary touch feels intensely uncomfortable and actually painful.

Our love hasn’t changed, but we do NOT want to be touched at that time. “Not tonight doesn’t mean “not ever;” it’s my Migraine.

Our necks often hurt before the head does.

9 – Our necks often hurt before our heads do

People who are stressed often roll their heads and shoulders or grab their necks to ease the tension. So do people with Migraine, because neck pain is just as common as head pain in a migraine.

They don’t always happen at the same time, though. Even though we can be at ease with the circumstances around us, it might not look that way.

You’re not stressing me out; it’s my Migraine.

10 – We’re not stuck up; we’re sensitive to light

Comedian Larry David once said that “People who wear sunglasses indoors are A-h*les.” Bono would beg to differ.

People who are sensitive to light, like most people with Migraine, are smart to wear shades indoors and out. It’s called photophobia, and it’s a common symptom. We’re not trying to be aloof jerks.

It’s not that I’m avoiding eye contact; it’s my Migraine.

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