6. Mint

Mint tea and candies are known to settle upset stomachs, but this herb can worsen heartburn. The numbing effect of mint can relax your esophageal sphincter, letting stomach acid attack your esophagus. If you are looking for natural heartburn treatments to replace mint, consider ginger. Ginger is a natural nausea reducing foods. Enjoy ginger tea before bed to reduce your chance of overnight heartburn.

7. Beef

Beef may seem innocuous in causing heartburn. Unfortunately beef can be high in fat, which can cause acid reflux. Expensive cuts such as filet mignon, porterhouse,  New York strip, and T-bone steaks are all high fat cuts of beef. Instead, opt for lean cuts of beef. These include sirloin tip, top round, eye of round, and top sirloin. Low fat cuts of beef can be tough, so marinate or stew the meat for best results.

8. Coffee

Drinking coffee all day can cause heartburn. Coffee is high in acid, which we know can exacerbate acid reflux. Any drink high in caffeine can also cause heartburn. The caffeine relaxes the esophageal sphincter which allows stomach acid to damage your body. Caffeine free coffee can be high in acid, even though you’re safe from the caffeine. Moderation is key here; enjoy your coffee in the morning but don’t drink it all day.

9. Cheese

Cheese is naturally high in fat. High fat foods can relax your stomach and delay digestion. This puts pressure on your esophageal sphincter and can let acid creep through. High fat cheeses include cheddar, cream cheese, gouda, Parmesan, and stilton. Low fat cheeses include cottage cheese, ricotta, and any other types with reduced fat. Cheese sauces can be particularly bad, as they typically also incude lots of heavy cream and butter.

10. Soda

Soda can be very damaging to individuals who suffer from acid reflux. Many soda pop varieties are high in acid, such as colas and fruit flavored beverages. The carbon dioxide in soda is also a danger. The bubble can force open your esophagus, letting acid creep up. If you find the carbonation of soda to cause heartburn, try letting your soda sit out for a while to go flat. Water is always a better choice!

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