11. Gluten free food can taste amazingly delicious.

Celiac Disease Truths gluten free food tastes amazing

I usually take jokes about Celiac Disease in stride. I try to let many things roll off my back. However, what unnerves me most are people who automatically think anything gluten free tastes bad. Our community may be partially to blame for this, as we can be vocal about our likes and dislikes. However, I know gluten free cooks and bakers that create AMAZING things. There are so many more things we CAN eat than we can’t eat. For example, this naturally gluten free quiche pictured above.

12. Celiac Disease is not a food allergy.

Celiac Disease Truths Celiac is an autoimmune disease

Again, when I asked my Facebook page community what Celiac Disease truths they wanted others to learn, this was towards the top of the list. While some may use the word “allergy” when dining out, please know Celiac Disease is NOT a food allergy. The trigger different reactions in the body, and diagnosed very differently. Food allergies can be instantaneously life-threatening, and require immediate medical intervention. Therefore, let’s make sure to reserve the seriousness of this word for those who desperately need it.

13. I am not an overprotective parent.

Celiac Disease Truths Not an Overprotective Parent

While Celiac Disease may not cause anaphylaxis, it still requires serious attention. So chill when your fellow mom asks a gazillion questions prior to a playdate. We know all the places gluten likes to hide in foods. It’s not that we think you’re incompetent or uncaring. We just know how vigilant we have to be in our own homes. This escalates a hundred-fold when we start talking about making sure our kid is accommodated in school. Really, we’re not trying to be difficult. We simply want to take care of our kid as you would want to take care of yours.

14. Do not exclude us from social events because of our disease.

Celiac Disease Truths Don't Leave us Out

Often, when it comes to these Celiac Disease truths, we excel at advocating for others. Especially our kids. But if we’re really honest, being excluded from events and friend gatherings as adults stings just as much. Even if you’re going out to eat someplace,  please invite us anyway. We care more about our friendship and community than food. Or at least we’re trying to.

15. Regular sourdough bread is not safe for those with Celiac Disease.

Celiac Disease Truths Sourdough

This, of all the Celiac Disease truths, really drives me nuts. Sourdough made with wheat flour is NOT safe for those with Celiac Disease. I fail to know where this idea even started. Maybe people confuse distillation with fermentation? Sourdough, made from regular bread, still contains all the gluten particles with which it started. So please stop trying to feed it to us. If you have Celiac Disease, please stop passing this falsehood on to others. Our health depends on it!

So a big thank you to my Facebook friends, followers and fans, who shared their hearts on my Facebook page. Without your voice, this list of Celiac Disease truths may never have been heard. A big round of applause for those who advocate for truth about this disease and diet every day. It takes a village, that’s for sure.

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