6. No lying On The Job

Once you have eaten, you must not lie down within 60 minutes of a meal. Give your food a chance to digest, or it will get even with you through painful heartburn and the oh-so-fun acid reflux. Once you do sleep, lie on your left. As mentioned earlier, your body is built for this, and the acid goes into the intestines better while more nutrients go to the baby and placenta.


7. Don’t Wear Tight Clothing

For all you expecting fashionistas, fret not. This is not a call to go the dumpy, shapeless route in terms of maternity wear. Just skip the fitted clothes that compress your belly in any way. Not only is it uncomfortable at this point in your life but it will force that pesky acid back up to your throat by pressing down on your uterus, which shoves against your stomach in turn.

8. Posture is Key

While you may be sick of hearing this all through your life, this is another area where your posture is incredibly important. Sit up straight. It will ensure everything runs in the right direction i.e., away from your throat. It will also lessen any other discomfort such as back pain and will ensure you are relaxed and a happy mommy-to-be.

9. Fluids are Your Friend

Having a baby using your bladder as a trampoline may not encourage drinking a lot of water but trust us, water will drown out the pesky reflux that’s lit a fire in your belly. It will effectively stop it from making its way upward and ensure that your insides are soothed. Drink water but not all at once. Ensure you sip on fluids through the day.

10. Yum! Gum

Chewing gum may seem unappealing and counter-intuitive. But it enhances salivary production which puts a stop to that nasty acid reflux that burns your insides and has you tossing and turning in bed. The bicarbonate in your saliva effectively kills this excess acid production as intended by nature and drives away your discomfort.

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