Celiac disease

12 things everyone with coeliac disease has done (even if they won’t admit it)

Been asked how you cope without cheese


Dairy comes from cows. Gluten comes from grain. Is it really so hard to understand?

Nearly cried at a dinner party


There is nothing worse than sitting there with extreme food envy because there’s nothing you can eat

Felt seriously embarrassed when eating out


Grilling the waiter about the contents of each meal and their cross contamination procedures can be a bit awkward when the whole restaurant is watching you.

Faked a smile when someone has brought you ANOTHER pack of Mrs Crimbles coconut macaroons



Remember when that was all we could eat? WHY is that all people buy their gluten free friends!?

Frantically eaten before going to a restaurant/party/wedding


Just in case there isn’t much you can eat. And then there is. And you barely eat anything.

Felt too awkward to ask a friend/relative about their cooking processes


And suffered the consequences afterwards, regretting it a lot.

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