Acid Reflux

12 Struggles Only Girls with Acid Reflux Understand

7. Spicy Food Has Become Your Mortal Enemy
You’ve never felt worse than after you’ve given in to your chicken tikka masala craving.

8. You’re Always Paranoid That Your Breath Stinks
You just hope no one else can smell that acidic taste in your throat.

9. You Feel Super-Bloated After Every Meal
No wonder you’re such a pro at belching.

10. The Word ‘Pizza’ Is No Longer in Your Vocabulary
Goodbye, cheesy deliciousness! Anything with tomatoes in it will make your chest burn for days on end.

11. You Hate Only Being Able to Sleep on Your Left Side
It’s not comfortable staying in one position all night, but it’s the only way to prevent nasty stomach acid from coming back up.

12. You’ll Try Any Home Remedy, No Matter How Gross It Tastes
Yes, you’ve taken shots of apple cider vinegar, and yes, it was absolutely vile.

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