Professional golfer Phil Michelson developed psoriasis at an early age, but he also suffers from another effect of the disease, psoriatic arthritis. Michelson controls the arthritis largely with biologic drugs and says he has regained 20% of the strength he lost the year he was diagnosed.

famous people who suffer from psoriasis


Director/actor Eli Roth who’s best known for his work with horror films such as Cabin Fever and Hostel has suffered from psoriasis since he was young. Roth revealed that one breakout was so bad that he could not walk or wear clothes. Roth admits that he actually got the inspiration for the plot of Cabin Fever (which involves a flesh-eating disease) from his personal psoriasis.

famous people who suffer from psoriasis


Legendary musician and the second half of the famed duo, Simon and Garfunkel, has tried many different treatments to soothe his psoriasis outbreaks. Garfunkel has suffered from psoriasis for over forty years. He’s even traveled to the Dead Sea in Israel to try and relieve his itchy condition.

famous people who suffer from psoriasis


CariDee English won the seventh cycle of America’s Next Top Model in 2006. The model says that she’s suffered from psoriasis outbreaks that were so severe, the lesions have covered nearly 70% of her body. English has become a spokesperson for the disease, even modelling for pictures during an outbreak to raise awareness about the serious skin condition. It’s encouraging to others when famous people who suffer from psoriasis bring it out in the open.

famous people who suffer from psoriasis


The pop star first revealed that she suffers from psoriasis in 2012 after she was seen with lesions on her ankles. Spears admits that she uses to a cream to prevent flare-ups, but increased stress causes more severe outbreaks. Spears does her best to manage the disease and wants fans to known that they’re not alone.

Britney Spears

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