Obesity in western society has reached levels that are unprecedented in history. Diets only work for those who have the determination and will power to stay the course all the way through to the end. For many people, dieting just does not work. Medical advances over the last few years have introduced some radical and successful procedures that can help people lose weight. With both the wealth that allows them to afford these procedures, and a public image to be conscious of, celebrities have taken full advantage of these new surgical procedures. Here are 10 well-known people who have had weight loss surgery.



Barr started out as a stand-up comic and eventually earned her own television show. After struggling with her weight for years, she decided to have gastric bypass surgery which helped her lose more than 80 pounds.


wilson-phillips-cd Singer Carnie Wilson decided that gastric bypass surgery was her key to losing weight in 1999, and she went on to lose 150 pounds. She even posed for Playboy to show off her new slimmed-down figure.



The chatty weather man on NBC’s Today show never seemed like one who was self-conscious about his weight, but may have been motivated by health concerns to have gastric bypass surgery in 2002. His surgery was very successful and helped him shed more than 100 pounds.


lisa-lampanelliWe always think of comedians as people who seem to be able to laugh at themselves, but the public usually does not see the pain of their personal struggles. Lampanelli decided to have gastric sleeve surgery in 2012 and was very pleased when she lost 106 pounds.



The man who earned himself a reputation as the moderate judge on the long running American Idol talent competition was likely prompted by his diabetes diagnosis in 2003 to try gastric bypass surgery. Jackson had tried dieting but never was successful. Thanks to the surgery, he lost over 100 pounds and adopted a healthier lifestyle to help him keep the weight off.

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